LB1135WH Battery Powered Indoor Outdoor Weatherproof LED Motion Security Motion Sensor Floodlight

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Durable, Bright, stay Secure!


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Don’t be caught in the dark again! IQ America Battery Powered Motion Security Floodlights are affordable, quick and easy to install, and can be used for a multitude of applications. When safety and security are needed, especially where electrical wiring is not easily accessed, these can be installed quickly almost anywhere without a professional, reducing costs. They operate indoor or outdoor even under difficult conditions and can even be easily removed and taken with you as portable. Since they are indoor/outdoor weatherproof rated, you can use them in your attics and crawlspaces, over electrical boxes and workshops, garages, sheds and carports, vehicles and trailers, boats and docks, gun safes, cabinets and storage facilities. You can even take them off grid camping or tailgating, mount them in your truck beds or on the fence and trees. They’re really awesome for power outages! They’re lightweight but sturdy and easily adjustable for maximum detection and exposure. Of course, the LEDs are BRIGHT, and energy efficient so the batteries typically last over a year. The glare-free lens won’t bother your neighbors. Overall, these battery-operated motion sensor security lights will leave you feeling safe and secure, well lit, and deter those pesky potential intruders.



  • IQ America motion sensor spotlight provides quick, affordable solution to home security lighting
  • Pivots and rotates, broad 20’ detection range, bright 350 glare-free lumens for home or business
  • Indoor/Outdoor, weatherproof rated, light weight but durable, auto shutoff extends battery life
  • Mount on most surfaces or portable; great for off grid, power outages, camping, or permanent mount
  • 3 C batteries required (not included), 1 year battery life, hassle free setup


  • Home
  • RV
  • Marine
  • Temporary Shelter
  • Shed
  • Dock
  • Pole

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2 reviews for LB1135WH Battery Powered Indoor Outdoor Weatherproof LED Motion Security Motion Sensor Floodlight

  1. R. Nelson

    I use this to light up my toolbox in the garage. It works perfectly I am really pleased with the brightness. The motion detection is very good. My wife likes it because it gives extra brightness when she pulls her car in the garage. I liked it so much I bought another one for another garage.

  2. TomP

    This IQ America motion sensor light works great! A very simple and elegant design, doesn’t have any switches, it just works.

    Takes 3 C cell batteries, not included, and comes apart easily by pushing on the tab. You need to make sure that the sensor is toward the bottom when you mount it, and experiment with where you put it. It’s operation can be affected by other lights, or a window allowing sunlight in.

    I mounted mine over the door leading out to the garage, and it works well in Illuminating the step below and general area with a nice bright light!

    It comes on immediately when I open the door, or approach the door from inside, and works in concert with the garage door opener light, which also has motion detection. Great for quick trips out to the fridge in the garage!

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