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Easily bring long material storage to any workshop or garage with the DEWALT 41589 3-Piece Wall-Mounted Cantilever Rack. This durable steel rack features three sets of storage arms to let you easily store lumber, rods, dowels, metal bar stock, and more. Don’t judge them by their size though because the shortest set, the 6-inch arms, are also the strongest. Being able to support up to 50-pounds per arm, they can hold a total of 150-pounds when evenly distributed across the set of 3 short arms. The medium, 10-inch arms can support 25-pounds each and the long, 12-inch arms come in supporting 16-pounds each for a total of 75-pounds across the medium arms, and 48-pounds across the long arms when evenly spread across the 3 arms per set. To prevent injury from accidentally bumping into the arms each has a 2.5-inch end stop that both blunts the end and keeps round stock from rolling off the rack. Locking pins on each arm prevent them from coming free when bumped or jostled when stacking materials onto the rack but are easily removed when you want to change the height of the arms which adjust in 2.35-inch increments. The 36-inch wall-mounting rails are designed to easily mount to both finished and bare-stud walls with the included hardware.



  • SERIOUS CAPACITY – Each short arm can support 50-pounds, 25-pounds per medium arm, and 16-pounds per long arm for a total of 273-pounds of evenly distributed storage
  • MULTIPLE DEPTH STORAGE – Set includes 3 different cantilever arm lengths with 6-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch lengths
  • POWDER-COATED STEEL – Arms and rails are made of durable steel with an industrial grade powder coating that won’t chip or fade
  • ARM END STOPS – Each support arm features a 2.5-inch flat tab on the end to prevent round stock from rolling off
  • EASY MOUNTING RAILS – 36-inch tall wall mount rails easily mount to both finished walls or to bare 2X4 studs
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT – Cantilever arms can be adjusted in 2.35-inch increments

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 30 in

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