FLI Products has contracted with Kayser-Roth to introduce their new, reusable face masks, hand protectors, and socks under the No Nonsense brand .

What makes this product unique is the HeiQ NPJ03 technology treated material. The Antimicrobial HEIQ NPJ03 treatment inhibits most viruses and bacteria. It protects the wearer against external virus contact and/or potentially spreading it if they have it. The face masks meet CDC and WHO guidelines for non-surgical masks. 

The ear loop style masks are designed to be super comfortable and come in both regular and youth sizes. In addition, these are re-usable and washable up to 30X, eliminating waste and making them extremely affordable. At a $5 retail, that  is $.17/wash cycle.

The hand protectors and socks are both made with the same features and are targeted for general consumer use, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and any retail environment needed for Covid-19 restart standards. 

We’re ramping up to meet demand thru the 4 facilities in NC, USA.  Currently lead time is 10-14 days.  Contact us at www.fliproducts.com, info@firstlightinc.com for more information or call 630.520.0017.