Thieves don’t want to be seen, so bright perimeter lighting is the best deterrent to protecting your assets.

West Chicago, IL (July 29, 2019) – FLI Products has teamed up with one of its premiere manufacturers to market new LED high output, battery-operated, portable motion security lighting. The product requires no wiring and with its simple backplate mounting design and 4 D batteries, you can be lit up in a few minutes. Protecting your goods discourages theft, improves insurability, and reduces downtime.

The fixture backplate mounts easily on any surface or attaches temporarily with a clamping bracket. The dual LED heads are adjustable horizontally and vertically to optimize illumination distribution. The 25’ detection range will give alert early and the 700 lumens will be bright enough to give second thought to being caught. Use this light for temporary work lighting or simply for security detection.

FLI Products has been in business since 2013, manufacturing, marketing and distributing LED lighting and other innovative products under various brands, including Geek Aire, Aire One, Agilux, CordSafe, KnifeSafe, IQ America, and Light Your Patio. Thru almost 30 years of merchandising experience, the company principals enjoy using the success of their products to support ongoing micro business opportunities and missions’ projects.