Love has no boundaries. Certainly, God’s love for us has none!  He will provide for us wherever we are, and whenever we need, if we are willing to listen for his still small whisper. Sometimes those whispers are behind a mask on the west side of Chicago!

FLI Products is a company driven by a desire to show its faith in action. Last week they teamed up with Sam Cote from FCA Chicago in coordination with Kayser –Roth, the makers of No Nonsense to bring 1000 ProtectivMasks to the Lawndale Community Health Center and the local neighborhood.

The ear loop style masks are made of a nylon blend material and treated with an antimicrobial from HeiQ of Switzerland. They are a brand-new technology designed to be super comfortable and very breathable. Plus they’re re-usable and washable up to 30X, eliminating waste and making them extremely affordable.  The combination of comfort and antimicrobial virus protection, is a clear reminder that if we chose to put on the armor of GOD, that is truth and love, together we can overcome anything, even Covid-19 Coronavirus.

If you would like to help the effort to bring more masks and infuse the west side of Chicago with the love and protection of God, work with us thru FCA. Contact Sam or any of us at FLI Products